Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Our next stop - Wishen Square

Two Canadian Foreign Teachers with Father Christmas.

The short walk took us into Wishen Square - and I had not been there before. First of all we came to the ceramic market - which had not long ago been in Shaoxing. Lots of huge ceramic pots and other wares on sale there.

Just beyond that was a promotion fo some sort - so many children leanring to put together gingerbread men for Christmas.

Standing to one side was Father Christmas wearing quite a simple outfit that would be laughed at in Australia. But he posed for a photo with two of the Canadian teachers.

By now it was around 10 am - and the crowds were beginning to build up. There were lots of market stalls and other activities in the park, and many people climbing stairs to heaven knows where. we followed our guide slowly through the square until we came ot a wonderful shopping/walking street called Hefang Street. I was in awe.

What a great place.

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