Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Lu Xun (Lou Shin) is famous in Shaoxing. He was a poet and writer during the early 1900's in the old city of Shaoxing, although he later went to live in Shanghai and died there where there is also a famous place to celebrate his life and work.

But he was born in Shaoxing and one of the most popular tourist places here is the village where he was born, and where he started is amazing career.

He was born in 1881 and spent his early years here in Shaoxing. In fact he went to school here and in one of the displays is his desk on which he carved "early" in Chinese characters to remind himself that he must be early to school.

His ancenstral home is preserved - which was recorded as being built in 1754 - and various other places here to record his amazing life. Lu Xun was his pen name, but that is he name that people are more familiar with - not his real name.

At weekends and public holidays Lu Xux walk is ful of Chinese visitors coming to see the place that they know well from the stories.

There is a big construction site at one end of the walk and here one is always accosted by tricycle (rickshaw) riders wanting to take you on a tour. The area is a bit messy due in part to the construction and I imagine when the construction is completed there will be a whole new vista here.

Along the walk are many stalls selling all sorts of items - fromthe antiques at the antique market at the entrance, and in the little alley ways, from the paper cut stalls, wine stalls where the famous Shaoxing Yellow Rice wine is sold in barrels, to all sorts of items connected with, or totally unconnected with Shaoxing and Lu Xun.

I have not as yet been in the halls and residences, but hope to do that before I leave here. I have a ticket which will give me free entry to them, so I had best use it before I go.

We found what appears to be a new, or at least newly renovated wine shop too - oh, how I wish I did not have a limit on my luggage back to Australia.

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