Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Wedding

It is apparently a lucky time to get married here in China. When walking early yesterday morning around 8.30 am I was rather surprised to see weddings underway.

Later on in the day I was in Shengli Lu (Shengli Road) in Shaoxing and was in time to see a bride and her new husband leave a building and with all the excitement, walk to her car. I quickly got my camera going. There is always a brass band of 5 or 6 people in red outfits, including drums that play a rather boring tune.

Rather than walking on a red carpet there were men scurrying around making sure the bride stepped on the hessian bags - I don't know the significance of this. (Couldn't afford the red carpet perhaps?)

As the party emerged from the building these "poles" were activated spraying the wedding party with thousands of sparkling bits of paper.

It is only a very short clip as I "lost" the couple in the crowded street.

Just start the video. Click on it and enjoy.

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