Friday, 19 December 2008

Reflections on water

Every time I go on one of the buses from "the big bus station" or the long distance bus station (same place!), I see wonderful scenery along the river. It is not possible to take photos from the window, so I decided to go to the long distance bus station and walk along the river to take photos.

The river is quite wide here and for quite some distance is parallel to the river. I had talked of riding my bicycle along the river, but it would be an all day ride just from the university. I would like to spend more time along the river, but today's effort will have to suffice.

For a start I had the challenge of getting across the highway. It was around 8.30 am, so the roads are pretty busy here at that time, and there was no space provided for pedestrians, so I had to wait for breaks in traffic to get accross. One thing I hadn't bargained on is dogs - guard dogs near a fishing hut. Happily after they'd nearly scared the life out of me, I realised that they were tied up, but I still scurried on!

I walked for some distance along the pathways and into some rather neglected public gardens, but managed some fabulous photos.

At one stage I found some men in some boats (sampans we might call them) and they called out to me. They saw me taking photos and posed for a photo, which will be in the next post. We laugh because most Chinse young people do the "V" for victory sign with their fingers when having a photo taken, and so did these men!

There are fish farms in the river, as well as pearl farms - as this area is a big pearl growing area.

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