Sunday, 21 December 2008

Duck in a tree and othe dried bits

Winter is upon us and the locals continue their preparations. Apparently this time of year is good for preparing all sorts of dried foods. I had seen racks of dried fish and chicken in Shaoxing, but in Hangzhou I was amused to find the dried foods hanging with the washing.

On our adventure to Anchung we discovered a lot more dried foods. In fact it was everywhere.

We went into the grounds of a temple (for which I did not have to pay the 35 RMB entry fee because of my new tourist card!) and there looking like a strange sacrificial beast, was this duck drying out in a tree in the main court yard. The duck had lost it's feathers and feet - but otherwise appeared intact.

It looked quite an odd sight sitting (or hanging) in the tree.

Other dried foods here.

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