Saturday, 27 December 2008

McDonalds in Hangzhou

It was freezing in Hangzhou. Though not as cold as it can get. Cold enough for us to scurry into a warm place for a hot cup of coffee and what better place to find both but McDonalds.

As it turns out the street in which this Macca's was, the whole street was in chaos as it is obviously being landscaped. Getting into the McDonalds store was a challenge as we picked our way through piles of stones, a new water feature, and the missing steps into the store.

In any case it had all that we wanted. The coffee was hot and the surroundings were quite cosy. It was here (on December 26th) that the Christmas decorations were being dismantled. If we had stayed much longer we might just have seen them erecting the decor for Chinese new year.

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