Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The final assessment

As part of the assessment for my Oral English students I chose to do a short interview - asking a few questions about the way they choose to practice their English conversation skills, and then do a reading for me.

At the mid semester I did the interviews just outside the classroom door, but it is too cold right now, so I arranged to do it in the Green Cafe, which is a new modern coffee place on the campus.

I tried to get some 6 students at a time - but without an assistant that was not the way it was and the students "en masse" migrated to the Cafe. It was quite a novelty for them - though they didn't spend any money - just tried to get to do their test before their friends. A little distracting but I managed it.

The tests went well really, although several students interrupted to ask about my leaving date, and say nice things to me. Were they trying to influence the "tester"? In any case each time the subject arose, I suggested that we talk about it next week. Some of the students really think they are "in love" with their foreign teacher - touching, but I find it somewhat unusual!

In one class their is only one male student. Nice looking guy - and given quite a hard time by the rest of his classmates. His English is quite good - but he needs to practice more, but it is not always easy.

At the end of the "test" when I told him (as I told all of the students) to have confidence and to practice more, he said "Can I hug you?"

Trying to influence the tester??? Mmmmm.

No, I said, next week, on my last day in class you can hug me. What a day that will be!!!!

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