Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Hangzhou weekend

Around the West Lake.

I went to Hangzhou for the conference for foreign teachers, and there was a proposed tour of Hangzhou in the afternoon of Sunday, but as the conference was scarce on numbers it finished n the Saturday afternoon, and the conference organisers offered a tour of the city on the Sunday morning.

Our first stop was the West Lake and the Su Causeway which takes one across from one side of the lake to the other. Our bus took us to the start and was there waiting when we finished. There were already quite a few people walking whe we arrived not long after 8 am, so it would have been packed later.

There were some beautiful photo opportunities - and with the water so still, there were some wonderful reflections. It is not surprising to hear that this has been voted by many as one of the most beautiful spots in China.

We visited the site of the Southern Song Imperial City and the Orioles Singing in the Willows. Our guide was not a tour guide - so it took us a while to understand that when she stopped walking we were "at" the place that was on our sheet!

I had previously been to the Orioles Singing in the Willows but did not know it then. We got back on the bus and after a short distance on the bus, it stopped and we walked to Wishen Square and Jefang Street. Wow! That was wonderful.


Joel said...

something tells me the conference was short on numbers because hardly anyone knew about it! It sounds like the kind of thing I really would have wanted to attend...had I known it was happening.

-joel (we met in Shaoxing last year, I think?)

Di Hill said...

Hi Joel
Sorry but I wasn't in Shaoxing last year - only 2008. The conference was part of Zhejiang University Helen China TEFL network, and it wasn't well organised. I doubt they did any promotion of it outside their network, but if you want to make contact with me - I'll give you additional information which might be helpful.

Joel said...

Sorry, I meant last schoolyear. I'm almost certain we met at the Turkish restaurant when my wife and I, who were teaching at Shaoxing University, dined with a group of teachers from Yuexiu. Does any of this sound familiar, or have I gone mad? :)

Di Hill said...

Yes, that does sound better. I do recall that. Hi.