Thursday, 11 December 2008


View over Moon Lake

More Moon Lake

Gardens around Moon Lake

Tianyi Square Ningbo.

Ningbo is a wonderful place - both times I have been I have enjoyed it. From the railway station we go across the road to a hotel for coffee (and the Western toilet). Not far from the hotel is the Moon Lake, and it is a wonderful walk along the side of the lake through beautiful gardens, littered with pavilions.

This time we went into Tianyi Square which is the city centre - the square is huge. Overhlooking the square is a Church - I think the Catholic Cathedral, but I may be wrong here. The student point it out to me. "There is a Church!" Without thinking too much I said "I know. I noticed it was a Church."

He was in awe!!! How did I know???? When I explained the cross on the top of the spire he nodded, but still not sure. This same young man wore two crucifixes on chains around his neck!

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