Thursday, 18 December 2008

In the village

Across from the campus is a "village" - actually a series of lane ways that meander through little shops and cafes, where vendors set up every day hoping to make a few kwai from the students - with 10,000 of them on the campus nearby it is quite an attraction.

I had a piece of fabric with the words "Merry Christmas" in red and green printing across it, but I wanted it hemmed, so I went over to the village because I know there are ladies there with treadle machines right in the laneways who will do any stitching at a low price.

My ask was for the hem to be stitched all around - which the lady did as I stood waiting beside here, trying to dodge the traffic as it hurled through the narrow alley way. She charged me just 2 RMB - which is around A42 cents. I paid her double. I was pleased with her work, and now I have a Christmas tablecloth!

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