Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Never say Goodbye.

Last night I was a guest judge at a student Drama Festival. I hate doing this - especially when I have to make a judgement about a performance where I don't understand a word. Some of the plays were in English, but most of the ten were in Chinese, so it is hard, but luckily I gave my top mark to the eventual winner. "Beauty and the Wild Animal" (Beast maybe?)

As we were waiting for the team to add up the judges' marks - there were 8 or 9 judges - it was announced that one of the students wanted to sing to Dianna as they call me here.

Up on stage she let forth in a wonderful rendition of "Never Say Goodbye" - and the students and other teachers spoke to me afterwards as they are already sad that I am not returning after the end of the semester. A bit emotional for me too - I had to fight back tears.

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