Sunday, 12 April 2009

Another day - another restaurant

Yesterday we went to a dumpling restaurant but the guys didn't think they were good enough so today after class they took me to another place - a restaurant that has been in business for over 35 years.

It was in the middle of the famousHanok Village. The Hanok Village was a very old run down part of town, but is slowly but surely being transformed into a wonderful tourist spot.

We entered the village from the rear I think, along a narrow stoned roadway, and we walked along the road past lots of little shops with Korean foods, artifacts and so forth. There was a Furniture Museum, as well, and of course lots of restaurants.

We turned down a side street to a little narrow entrance that opened up into rooms full of Koreans. Part of the restaurant was for those who wanted to sit on the floor, so they left their shoes at the entrance - rows and rows of shoes. (I wonder how many get accidentally taken?) It seems such chaos.

Soon our meal arrived. Small tasty dumplings that you dunk into Soy sauce and then in one mouthful push them into your mouth! With metal chopsticks. Quite an art. Then they brought noodle soup - which was very tasty with vegetable. It is hard eating noodles with chopsticks, especially anyone like me who is still trying to become familair with the metal chopsticks, but I managed to eat most of my meal.

Then it was a short walk back to the car through the village, and a ride home. Home before 8 pm. Good. I'm tired.

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