Tuesday, 21 April 2009

More progress today

Today was quiet a big day for me. Usually I work on Tuesday nights - but this week did not have to, so I planned to go to Jeonju Hanok Village - an old historical area that is being lovingly restored as a tourist site.

I had been before - at least briefly to a restaurant there. But I'd not had a chance to look around, and I know that I will have to do it again. There really is so much to see.

I planned to go alone - I am happiest wandering at my own pace, choosing to go and look at things. And so it was that I was taken right to the centre of the Hanok by my "host" in Korea, and I set off on my own. He was worried for me - but I assured him I'd phone if I had any concerns.

And off I set.

I visited little shops, made a few purchases, and a few decisions to return with more money at some stage - and an interpreter to help me with purchases - and generally wandered around. Surprisingly there was quite a bit of English - so it made it easier to comprehend the history of this place.

One extra ordinary place is the huge Catholic Cathedral. Hard to believe that this is here in downtown Jeonju. It has an interesting history too.

The top photo gives the story of the history of the area. It is called the Church of the Martyrs, because on September 17th, 1801, the founder of the Catholic Church in the area, and other leaders were executed there.

It is quite extra ordinary to see this traditional Catholic Church in the midst of traditional Korean architecture.

The picture at the bottom is from a doll shop - all the dolls are fashioned iwht paper made from mulberry wood. I watched in awe as an artists created incredible detail on the face of one of her dolls.


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Interesting to learn they have a long Christian history.



Jeanne Gibson said...

Clicking on the doll picture brings it up to a size where you can tell they are made of paper. Very interesting.

Where is Dr. Cho's church that we hear so much about located. I think it would be great to visit their prayer mountain there.