Monday, 13 April 2009

Sleep in Monday

I really did have a big weekend. With an 8 hour teaching day on Saturday, and out to dinner afterwards, and a late class on Sunday (last night) and out to dinner afterwards, I was really tired. I'm pleased to report that I had an amazing sleep in - I did get up around 10 am.

And I've just showered - almost two hours later.

Having a shower is a bit of a challenge. It needs preparation. The small cublicle that houses the toilet, and the hand basin is marginally bigger than the toilet at home. On the wall is a shower rose - I can unhook it from the wall and have a shower in this little room, showering water in all directions. (Thank goodness for my mop!) Having a one armed shower has it's restrictions. Try it one day. And I leave the toilet seat up (to try and keep IT dry) so if the soap is slippery it might just fall into the toilet bowl! You can't have your towel in the bathroom or it will get saturated, so it waits on a cupboard just outside the bathroom door. Oh, and it is best to remove the toilet paper from the toilet roll holder or it too will be very wet.

I have managed to secure the shower rose on the wall, but if one changes the water in any way - the shower rose moves and showers water in another direction.

So when I turn off the tap, I have to get the mop, and mop up the water, before stepping out into the vestibule or entry hall of the small apartment, donning my plastic slippers (which are too small), grabbing the towel and going into the bedroom.

So, the floor must be mopped, the toilet paper roll returned to its home, and I'm done.

While I'd hardly call it an "ordeal" it does require some planning. And having a "quick" shower is almost impossible.

The only mirror in the apartment - and it is a fairly small one - is in the bathroom, so when I am getting ready, I have to go into the bathroom, and hope the floor is dry.

Ang guess what! Nothing is made for tall Aussie women - the handbasin is low, and the kitchen sink is low too.

I'd like to go out today - I don't have a class until 7 pm, but I am still trying to find someone who will write the address of my apartment for me. If I get lost, I have no way of getting back. I can't tell anyone where I live, and if I had to get a taxi, I could not explain to the nearly all Korean speaking taxi drivers, where it is I have to go. They guys promise me the address every day almost. Very frustrating.

I know I am between Heaven on Earth and Once in a Blue Moon, but I don't even know the name of the street they are on!

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

The challenges of Aussie Di. Enjoy yourself there!