Sunday, 19 April 2009

Exciting politicking

Yesterday, on the way to class (which was held in a countryside kindergarten) we passed several groups of people promoting the local candidates for an upcoming election. Sadly we passed it all too quickly and I had no time to get my camera out.

There were groups in yellow outfits, and at one part where they had taken over part of a street park, the candidate himself was very neatly dressed in a suit standing on a platform, and to his right was , I assume, his wife, very smartly dressed, and waving to the passing traffic.

Some 20 or so other people dressed in brilliant yellow shirts were scattered in some loose formation around the park, and with loud music being played over the pa system, they were all dancing and waving to all who passed by.

As I passed in the car, and was told about this form of electioneering, I could do nothing but witness the scene and wave to the candidate, who waved back at me. (He probably guessed that the blonde passenger in the passing car was not able to vote for anyone!)

Now, I think this fun style of electioneering would sit well into Australian politics. It looked a lot of fun!


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Asians seem to get more into the group thing, than we caucasians do! They like the colour thing - but reminds me of urban ethnic gangs?

Di Hill said...

Really it was quite civilized. But when I told them that in Oz our pollies doorknock, and put things in mail boxes, and advertise on TV - my Korean friends couldn't work out how that would work in Korea.