Thursday, 30 April 2009

Paper clothes

The Koreans have been making paper for thousands of years and one of the most popular ingredients for paper making is the mulberry - they use the bark from the timber, and one often sees trucks passing through Jeonju loaded with timber from the mulberry farms going to paper factories.

I've never seen paper shops like there are here around Jeonju - huge departments with sheets of paper as well as items made from paper - lamp shades, books, and clothes.

I understand the clothes (jackets, trousers, shoes) are part of traditional Korean national dress - and I have had an opportunitie to have a close look at these items. I'm so impressed with the workmanship including embroidery on the items.

I must find a translator to take me to a paper shop - I need to know what all the paper is for. I'm sure some of it is for craft work to make things like the dolls, or lamp shades, and other smight be used for wrapping paper or to cover timber frames.

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