Wednesday, 15 April 2009

View from the 12th Floor

A bank building, with rooftop garden

Looking towards another university.

These photos were taken from the 12th floor of Woosuk University Building - just from one window, which was open. It was late in the afternoon, and there was a "haze" - perhaps just pollution - in the air.

This is a small city by Korean standards, but you can get the picture ver easily of how crowded it all is. By 7 pm the roads become verybusy, and sirens are heard often. These are police cars or police on motor bikes who pull up behind motorists who are parking illegally, and the police will use a loud speaker to tell the driver to move on.

Some police will be on busy interesections with a red fluorescent pole moving the traffic through, and berating anyone who does the wrong thing. It's certainly very busy and quite a picture with the many neon signs and the traffic lights.

One thing that I found slightly amusing is the workers at a road building site. There is a red flashing light contraption to warn of the construction zone, but there is always a worker wavng a big red flag. I bet his arms are tired by the end of the day, as he stands and waves continually for additional warning of the impending danger to road users.

Seat belts? They are in all the cars. Maybe front seat passengers should wear them. It is not policed. Helmets on motor cycle riders? Of course they must wear them, but it seems not to be well policed. Even the Korean people tell me that the police are lazy (their words not mine). Talking on mobile phones? Everyone does it all the time - one hand on the steering wheel, one hand with the mobile phone, and away they go!!!!

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