Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Gyeonggijeon

The King's Well

The stables

The King and below is his path.


You will be able to read a little of this historic place from one of the photos, but it significant in the history of the Joseon dynasty. As it turned out I discovered the Tourist Information Centre right near the entrance, and was able to find out more information from the booklets and brochures they gave me.

However, it was pleasing to see many signs with English, so I could understand more clearly the significance of this particular area. It was all very well laid out and every building had an explanation. This is where the important people worked - preparing things for celebration, this is where the king's food was created, and the well which provided water only for the king and his cooking.

There was an area for the stables for the horses, and a building where his cakes and pastries were cooked. Also there was an area where all the archives were kept.

Everything was as neat as a pin. It was here that I met a guy from Canada - he was actually visiting the site with his mother and sister, who live in Korea. He has lived in Canada for many years and we chatted as we bumped into each other at various points throughout our respective wanderings in the walled compound.

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