Thursday, 2 April 2009

First Impressions!

Well, I've been here for less than 24 hours, so it really is a first impression. The city is rather quieter than I imagined and as it is just after winter, the spring flowers are about to erupt. I've seen some magnolia flowers, and a little cherry blossom, but it will realy be in full swing in a few weeks time.

The traffic is interesting. The motorways are busy with quite polite drivers everywhere. And quiet too. (No continual honking of horns as in China!). In this city the roads are narrow - and most only have room for one car to travel one way, so there is some interesting shuffling and parking.

The supermarket was huge and busy - but we had such a quick visit that I will tell more later. (After I have been again!)

What is amazing is the bowing. For example as we arrived at the supermarket there were many young people in uniform as traffic wardens, and they bowed to welcome us to the store. There is a lot of bowing! When we left the supermarket the same uniformed wardens bowed "to thank us for shopping there" I was told.

Everywhere people are bowing at others "as a courtesy".

The skies are blue, but there is a constant haze on the horizon. Pollution? Not really I am told - but it looked like smoke.

Food? - what a variety of fresh interesting food. Can't wait to have a slow tour of the supermarket! Very good looking meat and there's a variety of cheese too.

The people have been every so friendly. Just wonderful in fact. Overwhelming.

But things are different. I'm glad I brought sheets with me and my towel. Neither are used here very much. Taking shoes off before going into rooms/apartments is common and will be hard to get used to. The heating is from under the floor too. I don't know how it works but I have a control. The bathroom is a treat - there is a shower rose but no shower cubicle. So when I shower the whole room will be flooded. The whole apartment is rather tiny - but I do have a double bed, a small table and four chairs, and a tv which is only in Korean I think. I have cupboards, and a small fridge. New saucepans and one cup, and no glasses.

I have worked out how to use everything I think - although the washing machine will be a challenge. I can put that off for a few days.

I am on what we would call the first floor, and it is in a quiet suburb. I don't know my address yet, but can find it if I did not stray too far from here.

Interesting. Interesting.

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