Saturday, 18 April 2009

Fridge with crystals

I went to the big Lotte Department store yesterday - walked all the way on my own without getting lost too!!! Just window shopping - especially since I am having challenges getting funds from my Australian account. (That's another story!)

It was not my intention to purchase anything - the fashions are wonderful, I just wish I was size 10! Nothing much to fit me!

But it was great just to look around and see what is in vogue for Koreans. And then I spotted something that I'd love to take home. Refrigerators by LG with flowers on the door, and some with Swarovski crystals set in the door. I felt like draping myself over them - so beautiful.

I've learned that they came on the market in February - probably with a huge price tag, but I didn't worry about that! Some had the name Dios in crystals, on other models it was inlaid in the design in the door.

Just fabulous. I want one!

Click here to see one of the models.

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