Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sleepy Boy and Korean age

I learned a lot again today. Another Korean word. "Bora" means the colour purple. And I also learned that Korean ages are different to ours. Korean children become one year of age at birth.

No matter what their actual date of birth is, they become two at the next lunar new year. So if you were born in October, you would be 2 by the end of Jan/Feb (depending on the date of the lunar new year).

During the day at the "fishing village" the children ran around like crazy. They had hula hoops, kites and played games. It was all too much for one little fellow - who is the youngest at the school, and he was soon holding his thumb in his mouth and when a teacher picked him up he fell asleep.

As I was only observing, and played little part in the day's activities - though plenty of high fives and a little girl (named Nicole, who was also very tired) sat on my lap for a long time and spoke to me in English, I offered to nurse the heavy little boy.

He was out to it - and was still asleep when I last saw him after sleeping on my lap for over an hour, and someone elses when I was offered a short reprieve, and all the way home in the bus. I managed to squeeze my hand past him and take a photo of him as he slept in my arms.

He's a biggish boy - but they say he is only 2 years old. (Korean or the English age - I have no idea!)


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

And so you have discovered you are actually one year older, by Korean standards,than you thought you where. All very interesting, Di.



Di Hill said...

But I tell everyone I am 21 - so maybe I should say 22.