Saturday, 4 April 2009

First Class

For any teacher the first class of the series comes with it's share of butterflies flying out of formation, and when it is a country that you have only spent three days in, and you don't know your classroom, your students or how many there are, and their standard of English - the stress is high.

My first day in the classroom at Woosuk Unviersity is over. And we all survived, despite the dramas. For a start had only heard that the principal of the organisation was going to speak. He didn't, but his partner did. And some principal from the university. And then without warning I was asked to speak, which I did, but then we had to wait for the Pastor.

Korea is a very religious country and most are Christians. All around are buildings with a red crucifix on the top. Churches. Anyway, eventually four people from the church arrived and bless the students, the course and the teacher.

The first hour of my planning was blown out the water. Oh, well.

Anyway the day went quite well - every one was happy and I was exhausted. They took me to lunch and to dinner. Oh, how the Koreans love to eat. And sent me home with a bucket of Baskin and Robbins icecream. I'm full.

Now I can rest. I don't have a class until tomorrow night. I'll sleep well tonight.

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