Thursday, 16 April 2009

Lotte Department Store

Thursday Island Fashions.

The immaculate car park

In the Sorrento Restaurant

I visited the Lotte Department Store yesterday. I was taken to lunch at one of the restaurants high in the building. First of all is the warm welcome from the parking attendance in quite smart uniform and gloves, as they bow and welcome you, and then direct you to the vacant parking spaces in the store.

The department store itself was awesome. So clean, so efficient looking with a large number of sales assistants ready and willing to help you purchase. Everything was so clean!

My companion was focusing on his stomach, so we walked briskly past the retail area, (but I did get a photo of the Thursday Island bus) and up to the restaurant floor. All restaurants have the menu, in the window with sparkling plastic models of the food on offer. It really is quite a sight.

It is amazing to see the service in Korea. Awesome!

We went to an Italian restaurant. Rather odd - but it was spectacular too as the photos above might indicate. Great Italian food in the middle of Korea.

Now I must find my way back to that department store - alone.


Bev said...

I am enjoying following your stories of life in Korea. Bev

Di Hill said...

Thanks. I'll keep posting.