Wednesday, 29 April 2009


There's often a joke in class about giving teacher a gift in return for high marks. I've had gifts food, but last night's gift was interesting.

One of the students is the sister of an athlete who has just been to Australia for training. She's a pole jumper, who is sadly in a "slump" and considering here future. But she has been in Brisbane and brought back for her family a bag of small portions of VEGEMITE.

The Asians do not generally like it - so I'm likely to get more. Not that I can use it much. I'd love to have toast and Vegemite but in my scantly resourced kitchen I have no toaster.

I'm going to take some dry biscuits tonight to let the students taste Vegemite. I like it - but it is not a big enough bribe to make me give high marks! :)

ps - Vegemite has a few new fans. I took some to class and some of the students gave it the thumbs up.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

I'm a marmite man myself, Di.