Friday, 3 April 2009

Quiet day

After all the hustle and bustle of the last few days and because I have to prepare for a long day tomorrow, I've chosen to stay home today. I also have a rotten cold and I'm trying to get myself better for tomorrow.

I've been working all day on the computer with slight interruptions to answer emails etc. I've sent out several asking things and have had no reply.

I didn't bring an Internet cable with me, but a guy was organised to get me one, and a printer. I like having my own resources printed, and without a printer attached to my laptop it is hard. It all cost more than I thought, but most of it will be reimbursed anyway. I went to cook some bacon for breakfast, but I can't operate the gas stove. I thought if I kept trying I'd gas myself, so I'll try later, and I will venture outside soon as I do have a few things to pick up in readiness for tomorrow.

It is a cool day - around 9 degrees, but I do not feel it here in my cosy apartment. I had a shower in the bathroom but as there is no shower cubicle the whole room is wet, and I have no mop. I have no slippers. I have a long shopping list and it will have to wait until next week, although all the supermarkets are open 24 hours. I just don't trust my sense of direction yet, so will manage somehow.

Somethings I will have to get used to. I have washing machine, (that I cannot operate) and anyway there is no where to hang clothes, I have a wardrobe but no hangers, I have a fry pan but can't cook (until I learn about the gas), and I have a hag of rubbish that I don't know how to get rid of, and so on. All the joys of trying to work out a new country's ways.

I turned on the television last night - there are many many stations - in Korean - but I kept switching and eventually came across The Discovery Channel. What a discovery. The program was all about UFO's and was interesting, but it was just good to hear English!

So far though I am impressed with everything and when I have all my resources (here and for the classroom) I will be happy!

The weather will warm up soon, and I will be glad of the air conditioner maybe, but now it is quite cool.

I will get a meal or two delivered to my apartment tonight - so that I can eat in again, and maybe save some for tomorrow night as I will be quite knackered then. I have not taken many photos yet - next week I'll get out and about.

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