Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wine and Paper

Making slabs of paper from the paper slurry

The fabric artists shop

The beautiful house behind the wall.

In the Wine Museum

Paper Doll people in the Wine Museum

In the Wine museum

The Wine Museum

Behind the Core Riviera Hotel is the Wine Museum - which was quite fascinating but had not a word of English anywhere, so I had to look and "guess" the detail of the wonderful exhibits.
There were not many people there - so it was pleasant to wander around and see. I think there was some wine tasting as there was a pavilion with quite a few people in it, but I chose to walk on by.

Behind the Wine Museum was a lovely house behind high wall. I could see the "manicured" trees and through small holes in the wall I could see that it was wonderful behind the wall, so I held my camera up high over the fence and took the photo. I was thrilled to find a wonderful house and colourful garden of azaleas. What do you think?

I found the Paper Museum too - but just before I entered it, I walked into another small shop. There was a lovely young lady artist there who dies fabric with natural dyes. She spoke a few words of English and was keen to talk with me. She found a seat for me and tried to explain her artworks. She made some amazing wall hangings, some died with onion skins, and she sewed amazing patterns on the fabric. Some of the fabric was silk, some linen, and a dressmaker friend made some of them into clothes. (All too small for me sadly.) She was wonderful and invited me to an exhibition next week of Women Artists at a huge gallery near here. I hope I can go there.

The Paper Museum was very old and again no English, but I had visited a Paper Museum in Fuyang China, so could understand what was going on. I must say the Chinese paper making was a much cleaner and sophisticated process, but I would guess that this place in Korea has been making paper like this for thousands of years.

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