Thursday, 9 April 2009

Strawberry Feast

Heaven Live

There must be a trick to living solo in Korea - for much of the fresh food is packed in big packs. I have had to buy a pack of 12 bananas (I like bananas but there's a limit!!), and I can't imagine eating them all before they get too ripe.

I wanted some strawberries and they too had to be purchased in huge amounts. A kilo of strawberries for just one person?

I was to be taken out to lunch today, so I scurried out to do some shopping and arrived home with my goodies, including my great supply of bananas and strawberries, and not long after received a phone call that lunch was off, so I had a feed of strawberries. I'm glad I didn't have to have lunch AND the strawberries.

The berries are large, juicy and very sweet!!! Yum!

One of the mysteries here in Jeonju is rubbish. I've collected two bags of rubbish (my plastic supermarket bags - which we have to pay for), but I have been told I must have special bags to put the rubbish out on the corner of the street. When I found a supply of bags in the supermarket I discover that there is a variety of bags - and with lots of Korean writing, that doesn't help me distinguish what they are for. I know some are for paper, some are for foodscaps etc.

So this afternoon, when I do go out to see my host, I will take one of the bags I purchased and determine if I can, what I can put in it. The other alternative is to sneak out after dark with my other bags, hope no one sees me, and just put my bags of rubbish on the street corner, and then run!!!

I went a different way to a nearby supermarket today, and noticed that the building on the corner of my street is a bar, called "
Once in a Blue Moon". It is funny as there is a lot of English, (or Konglish as funny English is called here!) around. Many shops have English names. Often they are confusing names. "Wellthy Food" is the name of one restaurant.

I know I live near "
Once in a Blue Moon" and "Heaven Live." (see the above photo)

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