Thursday, 23 April 2009

A visit to a fishing vllage.

The Kids Club children were having an outing. To a fishing village I was told when I was invited to go. "Do you like fish?" I was asked. Sure.

My mouth was watering at the thought of getting some fresh fish! (Mind you I have had some great fresh fish here.) So I arrived at Kids Club just prior to deaprture time (10 am) and off we set.

I was a little curious as we are some distance from the sea, but it could be a river. The two buses of children and teachers, and the Aussie shiela, headed out into the country side, and soon arrived at the fishing village.

Not exactly what I had expected. It was a complex of ornamental fish! Anyway the excited children and wary teachers alighted and we had quite a fun time. There was the introductory talk (in Korean and no translations) and off we went - each of the children with a paper cup of fish food.

It was quite interesting really - as there wer emany pens of fish - from tiny ones to large ones, and through an indoor exhibition room a whole range of fish in tanks including one supposedly a pirhana.

The kids squealed with delight as the fish gathered to catch the fish food. I've never seen so many fish - ranging from babies up to huge fish about two feet long.

We walked along rather fragile feeling suspended walkways over the many ponds, scattering the food to the hungry mouths below.

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I find fishes in aquariums boring and I get a headache when I try to watch them (psychologist say they're supposed to make me feel relaxed). I think I'd like to watch pretty fishes in ponds though :)