Thursday, 16 April 2009

The river

Looking the other direction along the river - note the smokey haze in the air.

The Gym Equipment

Gym equipment beside the river.

Highway parallel to the river

There are several waterways that criss cross through Jeonju - all seem to have only a small flow of water, but from the size of the river bed, I am sure they have had much stronger flows at some period.

I went for a walk along one part of the river today - just to see. There is a four lane highway parallel to the river, and on the river flats there are sports fields, walking paths, and areas with gym equipment that seem to be well used.

It rained, and quite heavily for a short time, yesterday, but it did not seem to increase the flow of water very much in the river. There are a few birds in the river - long legged egrets I think, but only a few. Actually that is one thing that is noticeable here - very few birds. I've seen two or three sparrows, about three egrets, but there really are so few birds in the sky.

There are huge complexes of high rise accommodation blocks - but much low rise as well.

One thing that one sees a lot of, is people wearing masks - to help protect from the pollution in the air. Some quite full face masks too! I think it is quite sad that they hae to do this. I have no idea how much Korea is contributing to the pollution, but often I've head that it is coming across the West Sea/Yellow Sea from China. That I don't doubt contributes, but how much comes from Korea?

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