Friday, 10 April 2009


The guys (my hosts) love their cars. I'm not sure what variety they are but Kia, Hyundai, Daiwoo are some familiar Korean brands. Many SUV's are on the roads too.

I am amazed at the technology within them too. The guys all seem to have G.P.S. systems - that are also television screens too, so that they can watch TV or a movie. "While driving?" I asked.
Much laughing but "No" was the answer.

They also have technology that reminds them that speed cameras are around, and yesterday while we were out looking for stationery, the car was parked illegally, and within view of a camera set up to take photos of illegal parkers, but the guys just moved a witches cap that was nearby, to the front of the car to hid the number plate, so the camera could not see it!

One of the guys just bought a second hand SUV (huge - with comfortable seating for 9 passengers, for around $A3,500! Quite a bargain - it is a few years old, but looks good, however he's found a few things that need fixing. I don't think it is a warranty issue - as I think he purchased it privately, so it will cost him a bit extra to fix them all up. He is the Australian/Korean and is having to get used to driving on the right hand side of the road.

One of the guys with a stunning SUV is also able to insert his USB stick into the dashboard to play music and I presume play DVD on his G.P.S.

One of the cars I travel in is owned by the school, a very old large sedan. Apparently they were going toget rid of it, but it was so reliable they kept it as their spare car.

The traffic is very quiet - the cars on the road tend to be very quiet. The buses though are noisy and flash past - I'm sure I have seen some speeding by!

Near the the school, which takes up the second to fifth floor of the building, the parking is at a premium. There are narrow streets, and many cars, and always two way traffic in space for only one way. Last night, after dinner at a local restaurant, we stood and watched the busy roadway and how the cars jockeyed around to pass. I said I must take the movie camera one day and spend 10 minutes filming. The folk back home would get a good laugh!


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

You are obviously getting into a bit of technology in Korea. They have bought out a number of the former great car companies I believe. Happy driving, Di!



Di Hill said...

No way would I drive here. Apart from the fact that it would be illegal for me to do so! I can't read all the road signs!