Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Stuffy nose

I've had a terrible head cold since I have been here. Miserable, head and nose clogged and despite my Vicks drops, steam inhalations etc the improvement was slow.

So today I decided to go to a place I'd seen called a "Drug Store", to see if I could find something there. When I entered two Korean gentlemen behind the counter stood and bowed. As they do. I wandered around and recognised some things. Bandages, toothbrushes etc. It was a little - just a little like a chemist in Australia. When I approached the counter, I asked if anyone spoke English. Luckily one guy did - a little. I explained my problem. With a little help from my simple charade, as his English was not terribly good.

He gave me some medication and I left. Hoping it would work. Though I had mused as I walked there that my head was clearer than it had been - perhaps the warm sunny weather.

Anyway when I got home I took one pill as instructed, and then had a snooze. I do feel a little less heady. Let's hope.

Now, when I tell my Korean connections they will be amazed. They are almost in awe of my confidence in getting around on my own. They can't believe that I walk to the office.

Quite amusing actually. It is quite simple - I watched and remembered English signed shops and use them as my "guide posts" - Dominos, the Foot Locker, 7-11, Drug store, etc. Easy.

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