Thursday, 2 April 2009

Arrived in Korea

Well - here I am. Korean Airlines safely transported me from Brisbane to Seoul - a long ten hour flight, that apart from the length of time, and the fact that I could no see the television/movie screen _which didn't really bother me, all was well. Food OK - service good.

I must say when I arrived at checkin at Brisbane, with my two cartons of books I nearly freaked at the cost of the excess luggage - over $A900! Thank goodness for credit cards! As it turns out, they reduced it somewhat - for reasons I don't know, but am very grateful, they reduced it to $330! Still a lot of money.

When I arrived at Incheon (Seoul's International Airport) I went through customs without any delay and soon arrived a the arrival hall. Huge. As I expected. But no welcoming party.

Mmmmm. It had occured to me that this might happen - and I was prepared to go to a local hotel, but soon the guy I was expecting arrived. He really only was a couple of minutes late.

He, and another guy and a lovely young lady "collected" me, and took me to the car. By this stage fatigue had really set in, and my cold had freshened, so I was a bit "challenged" to say the least.

It was dusk as we set out on the highway, and soon dark, so there was little to see. The high rise buildings on either side of the highway soon disappeared and we travelled through mountains, through huge long tunnels, and on to our destination.

The guys kept asking if I was hungry - which I wasn't, but in the end we stopped at a roadside place with lots of fast food. I had some noodles and something - I don't know, nor care, what it was but it was OK.

We arrived at my home for the next 10 weeks - a small apartment that I will describe later. How knackered I was. By eyes were streaming, and my cough was persistent. I unpacked a few essentials, made my bed and fell into a deep sleep in an instant.

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