Sunday, 5 April 2009

Customer Service

Can I suggest that anyone who wants to see quality customer service that they come to Korea? In the short time I have been here, I have witnessed extra ordinary customer service. A visit to a major shopping complex - one with major supermarket etc. And the staff are not as pushy as in China.

I watch in awe at the uniformed car parking attendance in the shopping complexes. Sure, parking is at a premium - too many cars and a small space, but one does not have to drive around looking for a spot to park the car. The attendants know - and with white gloved arms direct you to the vacant spots. And send you on with a bow! Now I like that!

We went into a food court where one again you could see the Korean's dedication to customer service. Well dressed sales attendants stood waiting for customers, and their assistance was a pleasure to watch. Very helpful, and without being pushy. Even if you did not purchase, they would thank you with a bow.

I like that. It looked wonderful. I did not see at any time (and I know it was a short visit) spending any time texting or speaking on their cell phones.

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