Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A plate of seaweed.

Here I am sitting down eating a plate of seaweed. A few weeks ago I might have considered this an impossibility, but yesterday I went shopping in the local huge supermarket - E-Mart, and there was lots of taste testing. I was given a sheet of seaweed to eat. Green crispy seaweed. Yum. I bought some.

It is so light - in green sheets that float off the plate when you walk with them. Just getting to the table can result in some of the smaller pieces floating to the floor. They are crisp as they reach your tongue but soon become a chewy snack. I would think they are freeze dried - and cut into sheets. They fold to break up, or you can cut them with scissors, into bite size pieces. I've folded mine - they are so crisp they break easily.

Of course I have been told that "they are good for your health" which seems a good reason to try them. It will probably take me a month to eat through the packet though.

I am sure if I added them to a hot dish they would blend and appear to be like a spinach or similar vegetable.

I bought a big box of strawberries yesterday too - Korea must have the best strawberries in the world and so cheap. I really had a feast of them.

I also bought some spicy chicken pieces on a skewer - some of which I had for my dinner with some salad. I bought several packs of salad - fresh lettuce, onion, shaved carrot, and tomato and some other strange green vegetables and I'm surprise how well it lasts in the refrigerator. Now if only Aussie salad lasted that long!

I know my way around the big E-Mart now, and despite my language challenges I manage to get all I need. Yesterday, as well as that mentioned above, I bought two huge prawns on skewers with a chili sauce, a bowl of fresh pineapple pieces, 6 tubs of yoghurt, and some Australian brie.

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