Monday, 13 April 2009

Ginseng Juice

I'm pretty adventurous really, I think, but I'm learning what things I like and what things I don't like. Mr Choi pulled up in front of a little truck selling juice from an ancient tree root. (He said it was an ancient tree root, but I learn that the best gingseng is from trees less than 6 years old.) Beside the truck were two old roots and on the truck were bottles lined up with juice and parts of the root.

He handed me a paper cup full of browny coloured liquid and I gingerly had a sip. Ugh!!!! Yuk!!!! This was freshly ground ginseng, (the juice squashed out in less than ideal circumstances, I'd guess) and to me it was rather awful.

Now I must admit I have had a few ginseng drinks, but I prefer it mixed with something else - for example pear juice. Then I quite like it. Ginseng is supposed to be good for your health but I will be happy to drink it with some flavour rather than straight from the root.

It is interesting to read about Gingseng and how it is harvested and turned into health drinks. Koreans love their ginseng.

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