Sunday, 5 April 2009

Spicy Chicken

After an evening teaching I was taken to another restaurant - this time a spicy chicken restaurant. We sat around a small round table and in the middle over a gas burner was a big pan, and the waitress put a big pile of cabbage and raw chicken meat which was cut up with scissors. The chicken was covered in a red spicy chili sauce. Also in it were small sausages made of rice with cheese and other filling. (One of the guys teased me that it was caterpillar larvae!)

We were also served with seaweed soup (which was very tasty) and bowls of vegetables. When the chicken was cooked we helped ourselves and threw in addition vegetables including garlic, and sesame leaves.

When the chicken and cabbage was almost eaten the waitress added rice and spinach to the mix, and we stirred it and ate that too. We drank iced tea.

All very health food. Delicious.


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Did you like it, Di?

Di Hill said...

Yes, very very tasty. I'll make it in my own kitchen when I get home, but I'll have to "cook" it differently as I don't have a burner in the middle of my table!