Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A knife and a glass!

When I arrived in Jeonju I found my apartment clean, and with scant supplies. There were two bottles of water - no food. A big pack of 16 toilet rolls - and despite the fact I use them in the classroom and instead of paper towels, I am sure most will survive my ten weeks here. I had two small bowls, two small plates, four larger plates, and an assortment of large bowls that as yet I haven't used.

There was a frying pan, and a saucepan, and a bigger pan with a lid (for me to make soup?), two spoons, a large sharp knife, a large flipper (to turn my bacon in the frying pan), a pair of scissors and one cup.

I managed to get some food - and as I am only staying for ten weeks don't wish to spend a lot of money on things, but there are some that I really needed. I had a pack of paper cups - that was what I used for cold water, soft drink and the small bottle of awful "red Korean wine." I longed to drink out of a glass - the only time in three weeks that I have used a glass was with my glass of chardonnay at the Italian restaurant. (It is metal cups, plates, etc here in Korea!)

I have a pound of butter - which I use on my bread, and dry biscuits, but I have had to use the huge sharp knife that really is most unsuitable.

Yesterday I found "the dollar shop" where everything is 1,000 Won. (1000 Won = $Au1) and so it was that after much hunting I found a knife that is more suitable to buttering bread, and a glass!

Funny how some strange things can excite one!

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

I'm sure you will get through the ten weeks, Di. Then what? Your world will seem so uneventful when you get back to OZ.