Sunday, 19 April 2009


Yesterday our classes were held at a country kindergarten. This quaint building was surrounded by farms. I wondered where the children came from, but here the bus picks up the students at their homes, so some students would come from Jeonju, and the neighbouring farms.

One of the appeals of this kindergarten are that they have fresh air, and an outside playground for the children. There's a small soccer field too - so the children who are starved of outdoor play areas in the city can run around outside.

It is a very hilly area, and surrounded by farms. Hothouses covered by plastic dot the surrounds. These plastic domes help keep the cold out during the long cold winter, and many of the plastic sheets are coming off as the weather warms up. These farms have been cut out of the sides of the hillsides, as there is little flat land here.

There are rows of onions or shallots growing outside the hot houses, and inside were some huge cabbages. The Koreans love their vegetables.

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Amy Jo said...

What a great place to teach! I love the city, but it would be such a nice, fresh learning environment :)